Ulala warrior build reddit

Ulala warrior build reddit

Ulala is a brand new adventure game. You will get a lot of class at the starting of the game and you have to need anyone for your game.

So choose the right class is a very important thing for all players. In the Ulala game, You will get different eight classes.

Ulala Assassin Build: Skills, Strength Info

Each class has its power and skill. Also, each one has different attacks of power and survival power. So choose the right class at the starting of the game is very very important for all players.

The assassin is good for his strong build and vigorous moves. He can travel back and forth on the battlefield agilely. If you want to be an attacker then you should be an assassin. Because of his back travel skills, you could take advantage of his skill. However, he is also good at survival. Hunter is known for his arrow and bow. He uses arrow and bow as his basic weapon.

Also, he is able to fire enemy weak points. If you want to be as the attacker in the game then you should be Hunter. He has very high skill of surviving and an attack. Druids are the messenger of nature. They are specialized in shapeshifting and uses of nature forcing in curing teammates. If you want should be a supporter of the game for your team then you should be Druid. He is very good as supported in the game. Also, He is a good survival also.

The main weapon of the warrior is his battle hammer. It is very powerful. He can use it as a deal fatal blows to the enemy in front of them. The main benefit of a warrior is he is a good attacker and also one survival. So you can do many things using this class. Also, he has medium support skills that help other team members. Shaman is known for his heal power and cohesive force power. He is also able to summon different totems. As you have known that shaman as heal skill. So you should be a supporter.

So if you want to be a master of supporter for your team, you should be a shaman in the Ulala game. The warlock as fire skill which makes her more powerful. She can control fire element freely and uses the force of flames to surround the enemy with a deluge of fire. You can say Warlock is one all-rounder in the game. Because she has very high attack, support and survival skill which makes her stronger and powerful. I recommend you to be a warlock.Warlocks do have healing skills, but they are self-heal only.

Just carry 1 self-heal and you're ready to go. So go for a Glass Cannon Build Right? Glass Cannon Build is a build that focuses on High Damage Output, hence the Cannon term but you will be weaker defensively like a glass. However, we can counter that by having the correct skill allocation. Put 1 Self Heal Skill at the 3rd or 4th active slot. However, it is difficult to create a skill build for damaging skills since skills will be unlocked based on the unlocked location.

So I will give a recommended guideline for choosing damaging skills. Monster Boss that has minions at the back, either summoned or not summoned.

This guide might be updated since this game is still new and there are a lot of features unlockable throughout the game.

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Design by Web2feel.Last Updated on May 3, Hunter is one of the most picked classes in Ulala: Idle Adventure game. He is known for her ranged DPS attacks that crush the foes in no time. He is too good in inflicting the attack damage on the enemies, from a long-range.

If you are going to pick this class, you should check his skill manual, team formation, and the main info. In this post, you will get to know about the Hunter class. If you want to activate the team halo effect, then you will need to add one more DPS class different than the Hunterone tank, and one healer.

So the team would be — two DPS, one healer, one tank. As a hunter, your role in the team would be dealing as much as damage you can: —. So you should join a team with at least one tank and one healer. We would recommend you to activate the team halo effect by joining the right type of team — to get these benefits: —. By giving him more damage, you can raise his potential in combat. And, to do that, you must spend the energy points wisely on building the best attribute scores. Build INT score to increase the attack and hit rate attributes.

Share your Hunter build recommendation in the comments below. The amount of damage can be increased by upgrading the skill. DPS skill. Reach Sabada Rainforest region while playing as Hunter class to unlock this skill. Hunter unleashes multi-arrow shot — attacking 3 random foes.

Ulala: Idle Adventure: All Classes Guide – Strengths, Weaknesses, and Team Building Tips

This skill does two effects — heal the Hunter increases survivability and inflict attack damage on the enemy units and command Hawks to aid. Hunter summons Hawk — Sheen to increase critical rate. Sheen inflicts massive attack damage upon each strike and lasts for 22 seconds. Reach the Chiwawa Gorge region while playing as Hunter class to unlock this skill. As the skill title says, crushes the weakest enemy.

In the above skill, Hunter calls Sheen. In this one, Hunter summons Hawk — Gal. It inflicts attack damage on the enemy upon each strike and lasts for 22 seconds. This skill does two things — inflicts the attack damage on the target and interrupts its skill casting. You should use both these skills to get the extra benefit if you want to use. The burning shot applies Scorch effect on the enemy. Reach the Bata Desert region while playing as Hunter class to unlock these skills.

This skill does three things — removes the debuff, inflict damage. Reach the Bata Desert region while playing as Hunter class to unlock this skill. Hunter summons Hawk — Pan. Pan inflicts attack damage upon each strike and lasts for 22 seconds. Reach the Bababo Coast region while playing as Hunter class to unlock this skill.Ulala: Idle Adventure was a very pleasant surprise this week.

But before you get that far you need to pick a character class that most appeals to you. Best known for their strong build and vigorous moves, Assassins can travel back and forth on the battlefield agilely. Hunters use bow and arrows as their weapon of choice. Hunters can find a place in any team, providing high attack power from range.

Armed with 2 blades, Gladiators fight on the front lines. The most trustworthy members in a team, they always lead the charge in combat. The Warrior is the quintessential tank, capable of absorbing blows that would decimate their fellow teammates.

This comes at a cost though: the Warrior deals relatively low damage, so needs the support of a damage dealing class or two alongside it. Shamans are doubtlessly the most popular ones in a team. With mighty cohesive force and Heal power, they are also able to summon different totems. The Shaman is one of two different healing classes in the game, and specialises in supporting their teammates.

However, they offer low attack and survival so require a melee unit — preferably a tank — and damage dealers to make up for these weaknesses. They truly shine as part of a team.

Warlocks can control fire element freely and use the force of flame to surround the enemy with a deluge of fire. Much like the Hunter, the Warlock will fight on the backlines dealing enormous damage to the enemies ahead of them. Their range keeps them safe from most damage, though they thrive with a tank or melee unit taking the pressure off.

Ulala : Idle Adventure Best Class & Character in Game

Druids are messengers of nature, specialized in shapeshifting and the use of natural forces in curing teammates. The Druid is a healing and support class that will keep your team alive. They will need damage dealers alongside them though, to make up for the low attack power.

A mage is highly talented with the ability to use the power of arcane at will and trick the enemy with ease. The Mage is a glass cannon, dealing enormous damage from range. Subscribe to GameZebo. Home Walkthroughs, Tips, Cheats.

Table of Contents. The BestUncategorized. Walkthroughs, Tips, Cheats. The Best. Advertise with Gamezebo Learn More. Like Gamezebo on Facebook. Follow Gamezebo on Twitter.In this post, you will get to know about the assassin class. If you have just started playing the game and wondering what are assassin skills, his info; gears, role, etc.

Best Class? The assassin might not be the best DPS class in the early game. Skill Build for Assassin — best skills for assassin — poison, cloak, slam, backstab.

The first an assassin get in Ulala: Idle Adventure. Using this skill, assassin attacks the enemy 3 times — and each hit deals massive damage to the enemy. By upgrading the skill, you can increase the damage. Normal quality skill — cast it to inflict ATK damage to the enemy. Unlocks in Sabada Rainforest.

AoE Damage — Hurl throwing knives at 3 random enemies — dealing attack damage. The assassin takes cover as a bush to gain control immunity for a few seconds and increase damage mitigation and attack.

This skill grants technique points to the assassin. Also, inflicts damage on the enemy. Unlocks in Chiwawa Gorge. Also, the phantom will launch a bonus attack for each technique point. AoE — Inflict attack damage on 3 random enemy units and gain combo. Inflict attack damage to the enemy and remove 1 buff. If the buff gets removed, damage will be increased. Unlocks in Bata Desert. AoE — Inflict massive attack damage on 3 enemy units. If in the Combo state, damage increases.

Inflict bleeding damage attack over a few seconds and gain 3 technique points. Unlocks in Babao Coast. The Zeal Skill of Assassin heals as well as inflict the damage. The lower your HP, the higher the healing.

Ulala Warrior Build: Skills, Team Formation

Unlocks in Jujule Volcano. Each technique point extends the stun duration by a few seconds. Apply bonus poison effect to the enemy. Each layer of poison causes attack DPS for a few seconds. When the target dies, the seals will be passed on to nearby enemy units.

Unlocks in Sinbad Rainforest. Hurl 4 throwing knives randomly — each inflicting attack damage. If the same target is hit consecutively, the damage dealt decreases. Unlocks in Toto Plain. Throw between 1 and 3 fishbone throwing knives with a barb to inflict attack damage to the enemy.Last Updated on September 17, There are four characters in Ulala: Idle Adventure and each character possess two classes. So there are a total of eight classes in the game. You can choose anyone out of all these and start the adventure.

The game allows you to create multiple character profile with a different class. At the beginning of the game, you can create three characters. And, by raising their level, you can unlock more character slots. However, you can not delete a character. Info — Assasin is a melee DPS character class in the game. He excels in close-range combat battles. By equipping the best gears, you can improve his survivability and melee attack stats.

Overall a good melee DPS — but not the best. Info — Hunter is another DPS class — excels in dealing damage to the enemies. His skills help him dealing the massive damage to the horde of enemies. His survivability is also good. Info — A tank class character in the game who excels in dealing with the enemies from the front.

With a high survivability rate and decent DPS stats, Gladiator is one of the best-balanced classes in the game or maybe a weird one?. Gladiator vs Warrior — Gladiator uses self-healing skills to increase his survivability rate while Warrior uses shield skills to increase his survivability rate. Info — Another tank class character in the game. The only difference between warrior and gladiator is the attack strength — because of the high survivability and good attack stats, Gladiator becomes the most balanced unit in the game.

But if we take a look at the skills of both these classes, it turns out that Warrior has better tank skills. If you are looking for the best tank class, go with Warrior — he has better skills than the Gladiator. But if you are looking for a tank class with decent DPS skills, go with the Gladiator. Info — Warlock is a ranged-DPS class character in the game. In the support aspect, she would not help you much. But when it comes to crushing the enemies, she stands out of the crowd.

She possesses the ultimate damage skills with some healing skills. Those who love to play as a ranged-DPS should give her a try. Her only true strength is supporting the team allies with healing and buffs skills. She would not deal any significant damage — however, a healer is must in the team.

Usually, most of the player choose DPS classes. If you choose healer, you are likely to get tons of invites. Although, you would not be able to progress without other allies; DPS, tank.

She possesses worthy supportive skills which help other team members in the battle. Her survivability is decent — but she is not good at dealing damage. So if you want a supporter with good survivability, you can opt for her. Info — Her attack strength is good — she can perform well with a good tank class team.Last Updated on May 3, He is one of the tank classes in the game, which helps the other team members with awesome shield skills.

As a tank unit, he fights from the front and his shield makes him invincible — resisting the enemy attacks. If you are thinking to pick this class, you should check his skills first. As a warrior, you will not be able to deal that much damage, which is unleashed by the pure DPS classes. So it would be better to join a team with 2 DPS and 1 Healer.

Also, see — Ulala Classes Guide for rookies. Warrior is one of the tank classes in Ulala: Idle Adventure. He excels in soaking the damage from the enemies by dealing with them from the front. Go for pure tech to increase armor.

Build stamina score to increase HP, Block, Evasion. Share your Ulala Warrior build recommendation in the comments below. With this skill, the warrior gains a shield armor for a few seconds. This normal skill of the warrior does two things — inflict attack damage to the enemy ahead of you. And, grant a shield of armor for each target hit for 12 seconds.

Reach Sabada Rainforest region while playing as a warrior to unlock this skill. This skill grants a thorn shield to the warrior — making his armor more strong. When this shield breaks, warrior deals attack damage on the enemy unit in front of him.

Another skill which grants a shield armor for a few seconds — during this period, converts first skill damage received into a shield for few seconds.

This skill helps you to protect the allies. When you unleash this skill, the warrior will taunt all the allies to attack him. Also, he gets a shield armor for a few seconds.

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