Tsm crafting

Tsm crafting

I choose to split the WoD Profession Items in groups, mainly epic ones and rare ones in different groups. Here you will not find all professions kits to reroll the secondary properties of r404a wiki profession armor or weapon, such as Leather Refurbishing Kit neither the professions upgrade essences andsuch as Burnished Essence.

Of course, the price between every stage can heavily change. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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How to use TradeSkillMaster 2

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Just import the following codes in your TSM groups and the job has done. Click the name of the group or subgroup in the left column. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

Email required Address never made public. Name required. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.I was playing around with the crafting search last night.

I found that allowing disenchant works for maelstrom crystals and shards, but not greater celestial essences. As you said, you can't guarantee what you're going to get out of those greens. Because I'm new to this, and I'm already a shuffler matsI'm only trying Cata enchants.

TSM4 Overview - Guide for Beginners

So those are the only enchant recipes I imported. Ive been using TSM for enchanting for some time now quite succesfuly, but I still havent found what is best setting for prices. But yet, Im not sure this is most efficient pricing. I wish your article would cover this issue as well. The link is in the navigation bar above. As per the usual, I've just Step 3 : I use both Percent and Gold Amount.

This ensures I'm making a good return on my investment AND each scroll is theoretically making at least g, at current market prices. So that's basically how I set up the options before I craft. Making non-Cataclysm scrolls is acceptable, granted they are profitable enough. Creating Crafting List. Then you can go into enchanting and open the crafting window. Click Restock Queue and you should come up with a list like this:.

Shopping for Mats. When you open the TSM window at the AH, click on "Crafting Mats", and make sure only enchanting is selected in the top, and for Destroying modes to use you can have Disenchanting selected disclaimer below. Handera February 29, at PM.

tsm crafting

Ven March 1, at AM. Anonymous March 4, at AM.Today, we're really getting into it with TradeSkillMaster. This is the big daddy of the gold making addons -- an incredibly powerful addon that revolutionizes your crafting and auction house play.

Many players use Auctioneer or other similar addons instead, but there's a reason TSM's popularity remains. With this column, I'm not going to be getting into the real fine details of TSM.

For starters, I don't have the space, and furthermore, I don't think you need to to start making a bit of gold. What I plan to do for you today is to just walk you through the basic setup of this addon to start making some gold the easy way. For now, it's probably best to download and install the entire suite of addons. You may find once you start using it that there are some sections you barely use and others you use all the time.

Then you can simply switch off chunks of TSM, thereby lowering your memory usage. So, head over to your faction's auction house and interact with the auctioneer. You'll be greeted with the screen you see here. First and foremost, what you want to try and do every time you remember is run a GetAll Scan. This is a high-speed scan of the auction house, available for use every 15 minutes.

It comes with a warning that it may disconnect you -- it's never disconnected me, but of course, bear that warning in mind. A profession scan, as the name suggests, scans the character's professions, allowing TSM to see what you can make. TSM bases its calculations on your scanned data unless you set it up differently -- more on that another timeso try to scan as much as possible.

Once you've gathered your auction house data, TSM can basically tell you what to craft and even takes the hard work out of crafting. First, let's have a look at a few options. Click on the lower-most icon on the right side of the window the one that looks like a chimera's eye, if you're into jewelcrafting.

This will bring up your crafting options menu. I would really recommend that you have a look at all the options regularly -- a lot of them will make no sense to you whatsoever at first, but as you get more involved with the addon, it'll start to become clear.

There are only a few important settings here for a beginner. First, make sure you've got Enable New TradeSkills checked so that when you pick up a new recipe, TSM knows to add that to its database of things you can make.

Head along a tab, and have a look at where TSM is getting its price data from. The default is AuctionDB, if you have it installed, and there are a few other options as well. If you're happy with how that's set up, head on over to Queue Settings. This is how TSM decides what it's going to put in your crafting queue. What's a crafting queue? Well, when you have TSM set up, it'll tell you what to make and set those items up in a queue or list of items you're going to craft. It takes the cost of materials from the database you specify and works out what's going to make the biggest profit.

Your important settings in Queue Settings are the Restock Quantities. If TSM is told you should have 10 of an item -- your Max Restock Quantity -- and you have three, it'll queue seven for you. Min Restock is if you don't want to bother crafting one glyph.Check out some of the highlights! This search mode allows you to search for both the crafted item and the material component at the same time.

This will also work for milled, prospected or transformed materials. Separated out from the TSM3 version of this function, the Disenchant Search is now its own flag in the Shopping module. The materials list for a particular recipe has been tweaked to ensure text no longer clips and more materials are displayed for a much clearer overview of what a recipe required without further interaction.

In addition, you can now shift click items in and outside of your Crafting UI, such as the material list or your bags, to filter your recipes, link in chat or search on the Auction House.

Searching the Crafting UI by a material now also returns all crafts that uses that particular material. The option to enable the audible sale notification has been introduced in the Auctioning Settings. The Ledger has been updated to have finer control over individual records, you can now delete a purchase or sale entry at the item detail level by right clicking. Your tooltips will be more accurate and show what you can get by destroying a particular item.

TradeSkillMaster 4. September 22, AnnouncementTSM4. Crafting UI The materials list for a particular recipe has been tweaked to ensure text no longer clips and more materials are displayed for a much clearer overview of what a recipe required without further interaction.

Ledger Management The Ledger has been updated to have finer control over individual records, you can now delete a purchase or sale entry at the item detail level by right clicking.Everything you needed, custom operations, groups and shopping lists have successfully transitioned from TSM 3 to TSM 4.

You can also copy the string from this pastebin without having to edit the minus signs! This is it! All you need to do to start it is to click on the Run Buyout Sniper button and be on the lookout for some awesome deals to flip! Maybe you forgot to close a bracket. I replaced them in my editor and it worked. I am having a real hard time getting this string to work, has anything changed since this post was created? Just keep getting error that the string is incorrect, try again.

Do the second string setting first then go back and post the first string… worked for me… maybe swap out the order of instructions.

This is so annoying. The second part wont work and nothing I try works. Same as everyone in comments, I get an error. I was getting the same error and once I corrected the name of the new custom price, BAM! I was able to successfully add the other string. Thank you for posting this. Quick question. How long should a sniper scan take? Mine are taking hours before I get tired and close it. Thanks for the guide tho. Problem with the addon or something else? Did you import the Sniper strings as well?

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tsm crafting

Need help with a WoW ban? We're here to give you the best help in order to recover your WoW account! I need help. Comments Post Author. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Today I will show you how you can use TSM to apply a slightly different approach to alchemy. This might be the difference between making a profit or not making a profit on rank 3 flasks.

The nature of alchemy with rank 3 recipes giving a random extra yield of flasks or potions means that it is not straight forward to setup TSM to sell your items. Setting the right crafting cost and the right profit calculation in the crafting window both require you to do some extra manipulation of the pricing strings you use.

The competition in alchemy is usually very high. More competition will generally always lead to lower profits, so our goal is not too compete with everyone. The method I will outline and show you how to apply in this post is something I have used to great success throughout Legion. I have not tested it in BfA as I do not have alchemy at however. The easiest way to eliminate or reduce the competition is to focus on a different set of customers. The main way you can do this with flasks in particular is by posting in other stack sizes than others.

Flasks can be sold in stacks between 1 and I have typically focused on selling in stacks of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 to target a wide variety of buyers that are looking for flasks for tonights raid. By doing this I could post flasks at prices quite a bit higher than the 1-stack auctions as I did not compete with them. To implement this in TSM the main trick is to make operations that have checked the box to match stack size pricing. This ensures you only compete with other auctions of the exact same stack size.


We will then set the minimum price based on our crafting cost which includes the expected number of average extra procs from the rank 3 recipe. This is quite easy to do as you can just divide crafting by the expected proc rate which is between 1. If your sales are too low you can experiment with decreasing the percentage of increasing the divisor to 1. By using a crafting operation you can change the default craft value method in TSM so the profit column in your crafting window includes the expected proc rate.

You can do so by overriding the default craft value in a crafting operation that you apply to the group. This is purely cosmetic but as you can see by comparing the two screenshots it has a large effect on the profitability of flask crafting. The alchemy market is quite different from realm to realm, so you should definitely experiment with different stack sizes.

Depending on your realm, there may be a different niche in terms of stack sizes than what my setup includes. It is quite easy to change the stack size on the auctioning operations.The left part contains all of your recipes. The columns will show you how many you can craft with the items you have. Numbers with a dash means, like for the War-Scrolls indicate you can craft 6 with the materials you have on the current character, and 44 if you include all the materials you have across all your characters.

The profit column shows the expected profit. The crafting cost is calculated by summing the default material prices for the materials, and the sale price is calculated as the minimum buyout by default. The last column shows the region sale rate for the items. This indicates the percentage of auctions that will sell as a decimal number.

On the right side you can see the crafting queue. This is a list of crafts you want to craft and you can populate it by clicking the queue button at the bottom of the window with a craft selected, or with a crafting operation.

tsm crafting

Which is a lot more time-efficient! In the top left corner you can swap between crafts and groups. If you click groups you will get a list of all your groups that have a crafting operation applied to them.

If you click restock selected groups the crafting queue will be populated according to the logic in your crafting operations. The crafting reports view has two sub views: crafts and materials. Crafts will give you a list of all of your crafts as well as their profitability. You can queue items by clicking on them. The materials view will show you the material price for all of the materials that are used in your recipes.

You can change the price of any material by just searching for it and clicking it to change the default string. This is especially important for items like Expulsom where the default string will give an invalid price, so any items that use expulsom in their crafting will not have a valid crafting price source. The last view is Gathering, and it is used to help you get the materials you need to craft everything you have in the crafting queue.

You select one of your crafters and a profession and click Add tasks to list. The TSM task list will then generate the tasks you need to do to get the required materials. It will go through your inventory and tell you which of your alts you should mail stuff from as well as what you need to buy from the AH.

As with other operations Crafting operations are rules about how you want TSM to treat your items. Crafting operations can be incredibly useful, as you will not have to spend time figuring out how many of each item to craft, or the materials required.

Crafting operations can also be used to override the default value of the crafted item, which is useful for items with a random proc element, such as transmutation mastery transmutes or rank 3 alchemy consumables. You create the operation the same way you create any other operation, through the operations view, or from the group operations view for a group.

The Restock Quantity settings will be the most important settings by far for crafting operations.

tsm crafting

The minimum restock quantity is the minimum items you want to craft. This makes a lot of sense for items like glyphs, enchants etc.

TSM4 Guide Part 9: Crafting and crafting operations

The maximum restock quantity is the maximum amount of the item in question you want to have. This is the number it will restock up to, so if this is set to 20 and you have 15 items a restock will add 5 items to your crafting queue. The minimum profit can be used to set a minimum profit margin before items are added to the crafting queue. This will mostly be the case for items with random procs, or if you know that you will sell your item for more than dbminbuyout.

The craft value is used in the profit column in the crafting window, and by the crafting operation to calculate the profit. So if you use minimum profit amounts, it is important that this is set correctly! This is the simplest operation you can make, and it is perfect for crafted transmog. It will restock up to one of each item. You generally do not want to keep a ton of duplicates in your inventory for transmog, as any one item will sell quite slowly.

I use this for MoP crafted transmog to figure out which items have sold since my last crafting session.

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