Taehyung real phone number

Taehyung real phone number

Btw let me know in the comments if there is something wrong, or leave me a feedback, it would be super helpful. Fact 6 : He and his two younger siblings loto 18 janvier 2020 and brother were born and raised in South Korea.

Fact 8 : Taehyung was named as V because he represents victory for the group. Fact 9 : Taehyung was the last member revealed, when the debut teaser pics were released. Before that, the group was known as a 6 members group. Fact 10 : Jimin uploaded a photo of Taehyung's back little while before they debut. The fans thought it was Jungkook. Fact 11 : He is famous for his vocal in BTS. Fact 13 : He and Kim Namjoon, a. Fact 15 : Taehyung's favourite food is Japchae Korean dish made from potato noodles and any type of meet.

Fact 17 : His favourite colours are black, white, green and purple. Fact 19 : He has a habit of biting his nails, opening his mouth, touching anything that he thinks is cute and saying "Eomma!

Fact 20 : He's a good person to talk about problems, he'll always listen without judging. TaeTae is known as the most caring person in BTS. Fact 21 : In the group, he is the closest with Jin and Jungkook. Fact 23 : When V has a problem he will share it with Jimin and Jin. But he thinks it's more easy to talk to Jimin since they have the same age.

Fact 25 : He likes searching for good songs that not many people know about. Fact 27 : V is well-known for giving the best fan service at fan signings.

Fact 30 : If V had a superpower, he would want to talk to cars and teleport himself. Fact 31 : For him, V says his charm is in donna vestiti negozio originale la modeuse eyes.

They may seem blank most of the time, but they can also give off a unique feeling. Fact 32 : His role model is his dad. He wants to be a dad like his dad, someone one who listens and takes care if his children, listen to everything they say, encourage and advise the future plans well. Fact 33 : The uniform Jimin used on their "Graduation song" was actually from Taehyung.

Fact 34 : He likes almost all of the cartoons on Toonieverse and he watched most of them. Fact 38 : The members said that Taehyung talk, scream and ask for water while sleeping.

Fact 40 : He said that he would like to marry his first love and be with her forever. Fact 41 : He wants to have children. When he and his wife don't have enough time 3 2boys and 1girlbut if they have time, 5 4boys and 1girl. Fact 42 : In 10 years, he wants to take his children Taekwon Male, 2 years and Taeguk Female, 7 months to the zoo.

Fact 45 : When V has a lover, he wants to go with her to the park in Autumn to feed the pigeons. Fact 46 : V's resolution in was to upgrade his vocal power a lot and impress a lot of people. He thought if he upgrades his vocal abilities, BTS level will rise. Fact 47 : Taehyung once got upset because he did not get to take a selca with the "Show Champion" tag. Fact 48 : V's Favourite items are Computer, big dolls, clothes, shoes, accessories, and anything unique.

Fact 49 : He describes himself like a Monkey. When he was younger, he got spit on by a Simpanse at the zoo and after that incident his friend said that he was a Simpanse rival and Tae is a monkey.

Since the life happens only once, waking up at ease in the morning and working doing your best.By Ninja TWC. On June 20, In Singer. To follow him visit this link. V has joined Twitter in June He has always posted his pictures and videos of his songs on his profile where he has gained The Link is given above but this page is not verified.

V has a page on Vine. In this Page, you can see Vine videos of V and fans are following. If you want to follow him visit this link. To get updates you can visit this link. Hello Kim TaeHyung, so much good answer to me. This year I love I love so much kisses kisses for Kim TaeHyung. Good week game there okay with us BTS. This month 6 day week move in los Angeles beautiful there same time My young brother Daric Aono.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.Taehyung: awww is my little girl horny for me? Does she want me to make her cum? I want you screaming my name baby girl. I want it to be my cock balls deep in that pussy of yours, slamming and slamming against you after you already came.

Originally posted by bangtanger. Originally posted by mimibtsghost. You never really payed attention to it earlier, before you met him, but his face was fucking everywhere. You wanted to talk to him again, hear his voice, his problems. He damn sure looked like an interesting guy and the thought of not seeing him again ate you up every night thinking of him. You needed it. Going into the club you saw a lot of guys checking at you as always. His eyes is all you could think about.

You got to your seat and one of your friends, Yonge, handed you a beer. You were serious about getting drunk, you wanted to wash him of and if alcohol was the only way to do that you might as well.

You wanted him out. At this point being even conscious of what was happening around you was a miracle. Your head weighed 15 times its weight and everything was dizzy. Yungwoo was one of your best guy friends. A couple of minutes later you found yourself on that damn bench again. But in fact, you just wanted to feel it again. Feel the things you felt the last time you were here with him. You turned around to face the man that has been disturbing your sleep schedule lately.

Kim Taehyung. How could he control your emotions like that? You never ever let anyone do that.


His jawline looked like it could cut. Well it kind off already did. He turned to look at you dead in the eyes. How much you missed those eyes. The real ones, the pictured ones that you had in your head where nice but these ones… these ones were a piece of art. For a couple of days I had in the back of my mind that it was just a dream but it just felt too real you know?While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. I love you too? Pizza and Ass. I thought it was cute and someone was like this would totally be a Taekook thing and i totally agree. See the end of the chapter for notes. He whined as he cuddled further in his blankets, blowing his nose with one of the many tissues that were scattered around his nest on the couch. He moaned in misery as a series of sneezes shook his whole body and he turned the volume down on the T.

Squinting around the dark dorm Taehyung finally located his phone on the bedside table, and with a lot of groaning and whining he finally crawled off the couch and scooted over the stained carpet to grab the device.

taehyung real phone number

Jimin answers on the third ring and Taehyung immediately makes pained noises into the phone, not even saying hello to which Jimin groans at him to stop whining, sounding almost as miserable as Taehyung. Taehyung blushes and rubs his tummy thoughtfully, trying to think if he had eaten at all that day.

Are you actually dead? Hurriedly, Taehyung looks through their menu as he speaks rapidly to Jimin. I got the munchies and I suddenly needed Pizza! Taehyung freezes for a moment and his throat goes drier than it already was. A blush flushed his cheeks and the boy, or man? Taehyung takes a deep breath, ready to respond and turn his charm on, when suddenly his breath catches in his dry throat making him choke and an unbearable itch causes him to cough violently into his arm, tears rising to his eyes.

Taehyung runs to the kitchen and quickly grabs a cup and turns on the tap. Gulping down the water Taehyung takes deep breaths through his nose to calm his erratic breathing. Not fair. The voice hums and it sounds a little too patronizing causing Taehyung to narrow his eyes as the voice starts to speak again.

Taehyung is still gobsmacked when the voice speaks from the phone again. Taehyung assumes he sounds pretty good from the way it takes the voice a second to reply and the subtle clearing of a throat he hears in the background.

There is a silence on the other line and Taehyung holds his breath, his face getting redder and redder with each passing second until cute laughter comes through the phone and Taehyung lets out a relieved sigh.

Soon they are both laughing and Taehyung finds himself liking this stranger way too much. After their laughing subsides they sit there in a comfortable silence until the employee breaks it. There are some random sounds from the other side and some talking that Taehyung can't decipher.

It was nice talking with you though I hope your pizza is good! Taehyung nods, disappointed. Thinking about how he wants to eat pizza with Jimin and cry about how he will never meet hot-phone-pizza-guy, he starts to say goodbye without really thinking about it.

Taehyung listens for a response but hears nothing but quiet from the other line. The response makes Taehyung jump and he brings the phone away from his ear and looks down at it in disbelief before bringing it slowly back up to his ear, a flush spreading from his cheeks down his neck and chest. Taehyung clears his throat awkwardly and suddenly realizes he must have said it first while he was thinking about Jimin. They sit there both embarrassed and the employee is the one to break the silence again.

After all the tension Taehyung breaks out into giggles and so does the other boy. After a second Taehyung can hear some yelling through the phone and he feels bad for keeping the boy on such a long call.Parties were never usually your thing.

In the past, during your wild party days, you could spend all night dancing. Tonight though was a special occasion. You had just gotten a new job and you were in a mood to celebrate. You slipped on a black slip dress you had bought some months ago. You had seen the dress on a mannequin in a shop window and had instantly fallen in love with it. You arrive to the party 20 minutes later and the party was in full force. The house was lit up like a disco ball and there were already a lot of people drinking and dancing.

You spot your friend by the bar and make your way over to her. You down the shot, feeling the alcohol burning your throat on its way down. A song you both know starts playing and your friend takes your hand and leads you to the backyard where a dance floor is set up. You squeeze your way past sweaty bodies and end up in the middle of the stage. You close your eyes and start to sway your hips to the beat, letting yourself get lost to the music.

The first thing you see is grey. Grey walls and grey curtains. You lay your head back on the pillow and groan. Your muscles felt loose and you were a bit achy in some places but other than that you felt relatively good. The bed was big and soft and the silk sheets felt heavenly against your skin.

Wait a minute…skin?! Sleeping beside you is a man, but not just any normal man, you recognise his face straight away. Kim Taehyung.

taehyung real phone number

He was famous worldwide for his piercing gaze and sharp jaw. Girls lined up for days just to get a glimpse of him. You had seen his pictures in magazines and on billboards all over the city. He was the face of Gucci and held the current record for the most Vogue covers, earning him a spot in the Guinness World Records given his young age.

What exactly happened last night? Your try to remember but your memory is hazy. You remember drinking and dancing with someone and then more drinking.

The rest is blank. Wherever here was. You quickly slip on your dress and scan the room for your shoes and bag.

You locate them both near the door and with one final glance at the gorgeous man sleeping peacefully, you turn to leave. You suddenly had no energy and all you wanted to do was sleep. What was really strange though was that every now and again you would feel nauseated. You had dragged yourself into work that morning, refusing to take another day off.BTS: Alleged private information of V leaked. Sometimes fans exceed limits by wanting to know everything about their idols.

BTS is a group that has gained great popularity in many countries of the world, the number of fans increases every day thanks to their music; however, their fame often puts them in danger or in situations of harassment. We tell you what we know. Sometimes there are fans who want to know everything about their idols, from blood type, who are their relatives, girlfriend, cell phone number, among others, but they exceed the limits of privacy and harassment.

The rumors started when a photo was circulated on social media after ARMY will start a campaign against the YouTuber for publishing data and exposing the idol that way. It is not known if the passport is real, that is, that the forgery was made from the original. All the information is in Chinese, but it does show the real name of the idol. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Home Imprint Contact. Somag News.


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taehyung real phone number

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V (singer)

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