Isabel marant dont you think???

Isabel marant dont you think???

Preparing the collection remotely in the French countryside near Fontainbleau, she found herself free of the habitual distractions. Straight to the point she went, working a fetching lineup of brand staples — stylish carrot pants with deep pockets, roomy windbreakers, chic and comfy knits, distinctive workwear shirts, lengthy waxed cotton overcoats, handsome pullover sweatshirts and a linen jumpsuit.

The color combinations were appealing. An Ikat bomber jacket came in a turquoise, pink and lavender pattern that was also used for trousers. A tie-dye button-up shirt offered a vigorous blast of fuchsia that faded into lavender. Windbreakers carried floral motifs, also with pinks and purples, but adding a bright blue to the mix.

Completing summery looks were tie-dye rope sandals in the same palette. A profusion of ecru balanced out the collection, worked into a handsome jacket with quilted panels and comfy-looking trousers.

A short film was shot along with the look book, in the concrete halls of the Centre National de la Danse in Pantin, north of Paris. Models Alpha Dia and Braien Vaiksaar moved around the space, skipping up the imposing staircase to a lively soundtrack.

Snippets of information flashed up on occasion — summing up the mission of the dance center, in one case — but disappeared too fast to 1950s medicines. By subscribing, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. WWD logo. Galleries Collection.

Isabel Marant Men's Spring You May Also Like. Essentialist Today's Must Read. Latest Galleries. The Best Tennis Hairstyles. Sign Up.We guarantee that all our images are not reprints, they are original photos from a press archive, the youngest photos we have are 30 years old and the oldest over years old. This photograph originates from a press photo archive.

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Those Isabel Marant for H&M Items on eBay Aren't What You Think

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Vintage press photographs are certainly not growing in numbers as they stopped making them 30 years ago.Isabel Marant born 12 AprilBoulogne-Billancourt [1] is a French fashion designer, owner of the eponymous fashion brand. At the age of 14 Marant had a haircut like Patti Smith 's and wore customised menswear.

Their son, Tal, was born in The family lives in Bellevillea suburb of Paris. Inafter her studies, Marant worked with Parisian designer Michel Klein. Inshe launched her eponymous brand — Isabel Marant. Inshe opened the first shop on Rue Charonne, in eastern Paris. InMarant launched a childrenswear line and a pop-up boutique in Paris' Printemps department store. She also collaborated with Anthropologie on a collection in Marant's typical outfit allows the wearer to be between boho and rock chic with a loose blouse and a pair of cropped leather trousers.

The collections never change radically which makes it easy to combine pieces from different seasons. Marant designed hidden heel high-top sneakers that lengthen legs and make feet look tiny remaining comfortable at the same time.

They became the brand's most pervasive trend with a million copies sold. In Marant won a claim against French fashion chain Naf Naf that was ordered to pay her 75, Euros damages for copying a puff-sleeved dress from her autumn-winter collection. Marant's uncredited appropriation of the designs, virtually stitch-for-stitch, aroused the anger of the Mixe people for whom the handmade manufacture of the shirts, and their sale, is an important economic and cultural factor.

The plagiarism issue continued to dog Marant, being taken up by the UK Guardian newspaper in June by journalist Naomi Larsson, who reported that yet another design company named Antik Batik had claimed copyright on the disputed garment, and quoted Marant's office as admitting the design was from Tlahuitoltepec as a defence against the claim. The Mixe people had received no communication of this acknowledgement, according to the report.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. French fashion designer. Boulogne-BillancourtFrance. Retrieved British Vogue. The Business of Fashion. The New York Times. The Telegraph. The Guardian. Archived from the original on Huffington Post. Say It in French " ".

Retrieved 5 April Mexicans seek reparations for French designer's look-alike blouse". Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

Download as PDF Printable version. Footwear Clothing Jewellery Accessories.The applause and post-show backstage exuberance at an Isabel Marant show are infectious. This is one beloved designer whose fans stand four-deep to catch a glimpse of her show.

And clearly Marant knows them too as she has honed a look for her woman with several codes. Namely cinch waist cocktail dresses cut high with a drape; Victorian-cum-Bobo blouses, chunky ribbed sweaters and sassy jackets all of which have demonstrative shoulders and are usually paired with high-waisted paper bag waist pants tucked into scrunchy 80s-style boots.

Post-show she told The Impression this show however unintentional really focused on the shoulder, which has a Samurai-effect. Amber Valetta in a grey flannel boxy shoulder pantsuit or Gigi Hadid in a bulging bicep ribbed sweater and layered chiffon shirt or even Carolyn Murphy in printed top and matching silk evening jacket paired with leather pants, showed each as a force of their own.

Her intention was evident in this collection which veered towards classic versus trendy pieces.

isabel marant dont you think???

Todd Snyder. Street Style. Paris Street Style Influencer Looks. Milan Street Style Influencer Looks. Ruffles and Bows. Long and Loose. Down to Earth. Top Ben Gorham. Isabel Marant. Daydreamer — Tim. In The Middle The Films. In the Middle. Reading Isabel Marant. Share Tweet. Photo IMAXtree. Isabel Marant Fall Fashion Show. Press ESC to close.

Remember Me.Isabel Marant seemed besotted with the models in these photos—new-ish face George Culafic and Alton Mason, who it is an understatement to say, has been making waves. According to Marant, the pieces here that matter include any of the outdoorsy sweaters, ponchos, and outerwear items that nod to traditional textiles; the worn-in relaxed jeans; the oversized and extra-long corduroy over shirt; a patchwork chambray jumpsuit; and the hoodie-style gray coat in a wonderful boiled wool.

Essentially, they bring a more textural, almost rustic counterpoint to the standard urban, sporty wardrobe which remained well-represented with logo items and attractive ecru jogging-style pants. All rights reserved.

isabel marant dont you think???

Runway Latest Shows Season Designer. Read More.

Isabel Marant - Spring Summer 2019 Full Fashion Show - Exclusive

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isabel marant dont you think???

Isabel Marant Pre-Fall Isabel Marant Fall Menswear. Isabel Marant Spring Ready-to-Wear. Isabel Marant Resort Isabel Marant Resort Paris. Isabel Marant Spring Menswear Paris. Sign up for Newsletter.There are certain designers who instantly come to mind when you think of bold runway makeup. Chanel, Christian Dior, Prada, Gucci—these fashion houses embrace color and texture on almost every runway, season after season.

But Isabel Marant? The French designer's models usually walk the Parisian runways without a stitch of visible makeup, much like the designer herself.

isabel marant dont you think???

Glowy, dewy, and fresh-faced, the Isabel Marant woman embodies a laidback and French-bohemian approach to beauty. Known for her must-have booties, accessories, and wardrobe staples like chunky sweaters and moto-inspired jackets and jeans, Marant can now add lipstick, eyeshadow, and highlighter to her list of products that are sure to sell out.

Each product is housed in sleek black-and-white packaging and modern text that will pop on drugstore shelves. We spoke with the French designer over the summer while shooting the campaign for her makeup line to get the scoop on the new line of products. HB: When you think of the Isabel Marant woman, glowing skin and little-to-no visible makeup comes to mind.

Isabel Marant Men’s Spring 2021

So this is such an interesting collaboration. Tell us about it. IM: "My woman is always quite natural and not wearing so much makeup, but at the same time she pays a lot of attention to herself and she likes to play and enjoy life. I think there are certain occasions where you are very happy to wear a red lipstick. It's also for the idea of providing a makeup line that you can always carry with you and always be ready to go from your office life to a party, when you don't really have time to make yourself ready.

HB: Why was now the right time to step into cosmetics as a brand? It's just a capsule that we are doing together. IM: "It's actually moved quite fast because I had quite a precise idea of what I wanted to achieve with them. We were in agreement on the way we wanted to do this collaboration.

What took the most amount of time was finding the right colors and shades, but I think we started to work around the idea a few months ago. HB: Have you been approached about starting a cosmetics line or perfume in the past? IM: "I have been approached about moving into cosmetics or perfume many time. IM: "It's difficult to say. I love this certain red lipstick, it's the one I always look for and that I can never find. There's also a mascara that is transparent, so you can use it on the eyebrows and eyelashes and it gives this glazed kind of look that is super natural, and I really love that.

IM: "We were doing a kind of modern western in Paris. We had a lot of fun, but it was an 18 hour day, which was crazy. We did video visual and we were very lucky that the weather was just fantastic here in Paris. It was outside in front of the Louvre and we were shooting on one of the bridges next to the Louvre with an incredible view of Paris, so it's this western idea mixed with a Parisian feel—it's going to be amazing.The eBay stage usually begins following a VIP press shopping event for the collection.

And, indeed, one took place in Paris on Oct. However, it doesn't look like that's where these eBay items are coming from -- because, and this is a pretty important detail, the sellers don't actually have the items.

The majority of the items for sale are from a couple of UK sellers staging "pre-orders" and claiming to have certain items in every size, noting in the descriptions that they won't be available until Nov.

Only a few don't explicitly state this, but I reached out to one of them, who confirmed he or she -- we're not sure wouldn't have the item until the 14th.

So we're not saying don't buy from one of these eBay pre-sellers, but it does seem a little sketchy. And you're probably not going to save any money.

Yesterday, via the company's Twitter, we got to see a full look from the retailer's forthcoming collaboration with beloved Frenchie Isabel Marant modeled by the designer herself, no less.

And today brings a peek at the collection's menswear offering which marks Marant's first every foray into menswear. Today, we got two. If so, some sneaky fashion editors are ready to take advantage of you. It seems that some attendees of last week's launch party and pre-shop event have already put their purchases up for sale on the online auction site.

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