Epic beaker problems

Epic beaker problems

November — If they were located in the Land of Oz, laboratories selecting a laboratory information system might not have to make a choice between full functionality and seamless integration with their electronic medical record system. Configurability leads to fewer problems than does customization, she notes. In those cases, your customization has a tendency to break your system. The snapshot report allows the end user to stay in an active resulting window with the ability to read consult notes, op notes from the surgeon, previous histories, clinical pathology results like hematology or microbiology, and so on, for a case.

Beaker handles add-ons and redraws in a simplified way, Dawson says. Specimen tracking remains to be fully ironed out, however, especially in AP. This ensures the accuracy of the content from a clinical perspective. Dragon functionality, or speech recognition, has been particularly useful for creating transcriptions in case results reports, Dawson finds.

With installation of Beaker, our IT support needs went from a very large team to probably half as many. Allina was prepared for the difficulties of converting its LIS to handle microbiology. Allina performs Beaker LIS upgrades every 12 to 18 months, though some health systems do them sooner and others may wait two years, Dawson says. Despite these advantages, Beaker is not a fully mature LIS.

That the clinical pathology and anatomic pathology sides of Beaker still operate somewhat independently is one drawback. Epic plans in to take the two parts of Beaker and merge them so they look almost identical, she says. Cytogenetics, which the laboratory started building in Beaker a few months ago, is a particular challenge with the new LIS.

Because of the timing of our coming upgrade, we are forced to wait until to implement. Shared specimen workflows remain problematic. We have not found an electronic solution for this.

Other items she would add to the Beaker suggestion box: an audit trail for the random query generator database to support interfaced proficiency testing and other workflows; improved documentation of final specimen disposition; validation of autoverification processes for regulatory purposes; and the ability to cancel, edit, or correct data en masse.

After Epic was implemented successfully at UNC during the spring and summer ofthe IT department came back to talk to the laboratories. And they said three of these hospitals would need new LIS systems because their current LIS was embedded within the EHR and could not be pulled out as a separate thing.

But after talking with another laboratory director at a hospital that was already live on Epic, Dr. Whinna had a different take on this proposal.

Cerner vs Epic: Battle of the EHR Titans

We thought the reverse direction was a better way to go. By then, Epic Beaker had advanced two versions from what Dr. Whinna had looked at earlier. There are definite advantages to having an integrated single system, Dr.Though it seems that much of the healthcare industry is finally on board with making the transition from paper to digital records, the transformation comes with a high price. Much anticipated, and sometimes hyped, electronic health record system rollouts cost millions of dollars and often end up causing chaos, frustration, even firings at hospitals across the country.

Petersen announced a hiring freeze, a travel freeze — and a delay in the further rollout of the EHR throughout the rest of MaineHealth. Petersen cited as contributing to the loss a decline in patient volumes, the increasing number of patients who can't afford to pay for their care — and the launch of the electronic health record system. This lack of charge capture is hurting our financial picture. Big things. Surgeries weren't charged — big things and little things," she said. Let's say I document that I put in an IV in — there goes a charge right there.

That's how they get charged for that. The nurse puts in the IV, and then they put in the computer that they've done that. There's supposed to be a charge for that. So I guess, early after go-live, finance people were saying, 'Something's wrong; we're not charging. Not only that, but we weren't taught what was important to charge.

We were basically taught how to navigate the right screens. Now the clinicians are supposed to be charging, the nurse said, but they have not been taught anything different. The response via email: "Barry has left the organization.

We have an interim CIO Maine Medical Center asked for the questions in order to find the right person for the interview. Healthcare IT News supplied them.

The emails from Maine Med ended with this one, on May Can we check-in later this summer to see if that would be better timing? Thanks, and sorry to take so long with a response. On May 22, we emailed Blumenfeld directly to ask for an interview. Epic, meanwhile, also declined an interview request. Not alone to decline Maine Medical Center was not alone in taking a pass on an interview about its rollout. But it too declined a June 3 request for an interview with Healthcare IT Newssaying: "Given that we are so very early in our effort, we are going to pass on this opportunity.

At this point in this very early stage, we would be unable to effectively answer these questions. We are years away from go-live dates. Thanks for thinking of us, and do not hesitate to check in, as we get further along in our process. Financial stress The Winston-Salem Journal reported that Wake Forest had launched another round of "multi-million dollar" cost-cutting measures that would last through at least June 30, the end of its fiscal year, related to "fixing Epic revenue issues.Patients have personal and family health information at their fingertips with MyChart.

They can message their doctors, attend e-visits, complete questionnaires, schedule appointments, and be more involved in managing their health. Patients in the hospital can use MyChart Bedside to stay in touch with their care team, review their schedule, access personalized patient education materials, and request help.

Prospective patients can become new patients through easy online scheduling with MyChart. Predictive analytics and embedded decision support tools support clinical practice to yield better outcomes.

Common tasks are streamlined to get the job done fast. Mobile apps keep you connected wherever you go. Recruit study participants more quickly; conduct independent research and incorporate your findings into clinical care. Rated by healthcare providers as the best acute and best ambulatory EMR for physician productivity and effectiveness.

Made up of experts in their fields, specialty steering boards contribute content and guide development to meet real-world specialty needs. Speed up patient payments and free up staff time with paperless billing, online bill-pay, self-service payment plans, reliable pre-payments based on estimates, financial assistance, and more. Encourage the most clinically effective and cost efficient treatments with integrated clinical and financial decision support. Epic gives you flexibility to support all your lines of business, including group, exchange, Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid, and delegated risk.

Provide outstanding service and manage correspondence with members, vendors and employers in one integrated database. Provide a full picture of health and membership information for your members and a secure web portal for providers to interact with and view managed care information. Take advantage of medical necessity criteria and network-based provider recommendations at the point of service so your providers and staff can make financially responsible decisions about members' care.

Allow case managers to achieve the best possible outcomes with tools to proactively identify high risk patients, close care gaps, coordinate care delivery and ensure upcoming services are covered. Automate your claims processing and premium billing invoicing with a payment system that scales for large and complex member populations.

Create a single longitudinal plan of care accessible to patients, providers, care managers, and affiliates. Give external providers tools to review and resolve care gaps through a web-based care management portal.

Engage the patient by providing access to health and wellness information. Delight them with appointment scheduling, e-visits, remote monitoring, and telehealth.Spring has arrived and for many laboratories that means planning is underway for new LIS projects.


If a roll out of a new LIS system is something your team is tackling, here is an outline of 7 project phases our Beaker certified staff of licensed Medical Technologists MT believe to be critical parts of a successful plan. Following all the steps and phases will help you achieve your goal, ensure the needs of your lab are met, and ensure patient safety.

Key point: Your lab team can provide a complete list of all order codes and tests available, including all reference lab tests.

This will help you to avoid delays and manually needing to build them later on. Key Point: Many detailed build items occur during this phase.

Some items will be completed by IT personnel and other by laboratory assigned resources. Experience and clinical knowledge are critical at this step. Include your Beaker Certified MT or MLT in all aspects of the build, their clinical knowledge is invaluable to completing a full lab build and have it done right prior to the MRT testing period. Include your specimen routing logic, auto cancel rule, and worklists for bench development. Laboratory staff should determine if processing rules will be written in the middleware selected or built in the application.

Be sure to include a billing specialist to complete this build.

epic beaker problems

BCS has developed a detailed billing testing plan that can be incorporated in your system validation to monitor accuracy. Again, include your specimen processing specialist for review and sign off of actual naming mapping and specimen mapping. Each Order code is ordered and downloaded to the analyzers.

Review results returned to ensure each posts to the representative result code. Work with your project manager to add extra steps in your project plan that check for the following CAP regulations:. Strong SOPs will help ensure processes are followed, and new personnel are trained properly. There is no limit to the amount of data that can be imported. Our team has worked through these phases numerous times with Epic and Beaker, as well as with Epic and other Laboratory Systems, having seen firsthand how good planning and qualified resources can impact not only the build, but reduce the risk of retests and lost revenue.

Carefully executing these 7 phases will help your new system work for your lab and your patients. Please call us for more information or help with any part of your project. You must be logged in to post a comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. All Rights Reserved. Designed By: Mountain View Media.Printers either fixed or mobile and Rover devices have been deployed for all sites going live with Beaker on April If you have not received your printers yet, please contact Preeti Padaley at ppadaley deloitte.

Which device will I have, Rover or a printer? The two devices serve different purposes. Most areas area only getting Beaker printers. Who can I call if my printer does not work? How do I get labels? Details on how to order labels are available at this link. Will we get two separate labels? Two separate labels will print. Will there be three separate labels? What is the PAR number for ordering labels and storage of labels?

How much an area keeps in stock and PAR-level depends on their volume of nurse specimen collection. How do we place the label on a tube of blood? How do we place the sticker on a bullet drawn in the Newborn Critical Care Center? DO NOT wrap label around the tube so that the barcode cannot be scanned. How do we get multiple stickers for the bullets? The appropriate number of labels should print. If sharing has to occur, affix one label to the tube and send the remaining labels to the Lab with tube so they know to share.

What do I print out for an LP that has four vials?

Epic's EHR: Challenges and lessons learned at Mass General

Will I get four labels? Yes, four labels will be the default for CSF cell count testing. If protein and glucose is also ordered, there will be additional labels for those tests. In general the collection process is similar to today. The main exception is for Phlebotomists in the Labs — Rover is a different process.

epic beaker problems

Will my order screens change? In general there are no changes to order screens. There may be new questions or questions may have been removed from some orders.

Will the ambulatory clinic workflow be the same as the inpatient units? Inpatient units use worklists and ambulatory clinics use order inquiry. What is positive patient identification? Clinical areas perform positive patient identification with Epic UNC today when they perform bedside bar-coded medication administration.

They scan the patient armband to make sure they have the right patient and then scan the med to confirm the med being scanned is for the patient armband they just scanned.

We will be using the same positive patient ID principle with collecting specimens as a safety effort and ensure the correct patient is identified by barcode scanning the armband when collecting the lab specimens. The label is printed during collection at the bedside to ensure specimens are labeled at time of collection.

Will the add-on process change? See details for ordering add-ons in non-lab areas. There is also a tip sheet that details processing add-on requests.

One hour before the draw? What do I do if the patient looks bad and I want to draw the timed lab two hours in advance?Cerner filed the protest with Illinois' chief procurement office for higher education in December, after Epic was awarded the contract four months earlier. Cerner alleged the bidding process was unfair and tainted by a possible conflict of interest, and the North Kansas City, Mo.

Illinois rejected the protest in January, ruling Cerner didn't submit a proposal demonstrating its technical qualifications at the minimum required level and noting it awarded Epic the contract through a request for proposals, not a competitive bidding process.

Faulkner wrote. Although UI Health contracted with Impact Advisors in for separate IT projects, according to the letter, Cerner claimed Impact Advisors "unfairly and improperly influenced the decision to select Epic while concurrently holding a financial interest in Epic's selection.

Additionally, Cerner has not explained how it believes Impact Advisors advantaged Epic or disadvantaged Cerner — as was iterated in Chief Procurement Officer Ben Bagby's January ruling denying the protest. Faulkner noted UI Health was "crystal clear" it would need staff augmentation services regardless of who is awarded the contract, but Epic made "no promise or arrangement to compensate Impact Advisors or any other firm. Epic concluded its letter with statistics and data to back up UI Health's selection.

Here are the five claims Epic made. None have left Epic to move to Cerner excluding acquisitions.

epic beaker problems

The letter adds that UI Health has deployed both Cerner and Epic in the past and should have adequate experience with each vendor. View our policies by clicking here. To receive the latest hospital and health system business and legal news and analysis from Becker's Hospital Reviewsign-up for the free Becker's Hospital Review E-weekly by clicking here. Healthcare more efficient More than a buzzword: How AI can deliver real-world value and put the human touch back in healthcare.

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Contact Us 1. All Rights Reserved. Interested in linking to or reprinting our content?We will be using a Standalone version of Sunquest, but the details have not been ironed out yet. Does anyone have experience with Epic and the Sunquest Standalone product?

The primary problem we are having right now is figuring out how BB specimens will be collected once Beaker and Rover go-live. We would prefer to not re-label specimens if at all possible.

Any advice is welcome! Interesting, What do you mean by a standalone version of Sunquest? Is the rest of the lab using Beaker and just blood bank using Sunquest? Will orders go from Epic to Beaker to Sunquest?

'Epic is a better system' — Epic responds to Cerner's protest of U of Illinois' $62M EHR contract

And, the results follow the same path back to Epic? I'm interested to see comments because I will also be in this exact spot about 6 months from now switching from Meditech 5. I have no experience with any of them. Regardless of what BB system you pick there is build that is required to get specimens from Beaker over to your BB system. And with having a "downstream" BB system you will have an interface.

Feel free to PM me, you have some very good questions here. I did not know Sunquest would sell the BB module as a standalone. The BB module has to work with the rest of the Sunquest system for maintenance, reports. We are about to begin a 'wonderful adventure' switching the entire hospital, the lab and our clinics to other systems. The hospital is going to Epic, the lab is going to Orchard Anatomic is already on Orchard and Blood Bank is going from paper to Haemonetics.

Ask me in about 2 years about my sanity. All 3 assured us that they could play nicely with Orchard and Epic. I liked the functionality of some of the 'special' stuff like emergency release in Haemonetics. I did not look at splitting units specifically, though I was told that the functionality was there if we wanted to use it. That's not something we do currently because of the relabeling issue, but we might revisit that once we are live.

I think their dashboard for patient history is going to be very clear cut for our generalist rotators, as will adding tests for patient workups. Will definitely be using the electronic crossmatch. We are planning to implement bedside ID for blood products we've been doing it for pharmaceuticals for yearsthough that will probably not happen until we have the system up and running and are comfortable with it.

The Haemonetics team assured us that the bedside ID would work smoothly - in fact, they said that nursing staff wouldn't even know that they weren't using Epic. Our emergency department wants fridges with blood in them for traumas scary thought! And we won't allow it unless the fridge IS locked down.

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