Critical role beauregard annoying

Critical role beauregard annoying

Beauregard Lionett is a human monk of The Cobalt Soul. She is played by Marisha Ray. As of " Titles and Tattoos " 2x84Beau has a jade green filigreed all-seeing eye tattoo beginning at her upper back and extending up the back of her head.

And after her official promotion to Expositor, she received new vestments to match her new status. Beau is a simple girl with simple needs. Beau has few concerns when it comes to violence, having demonstrated a willingness and, occasionally, an eagerness to harm others if it serves her interests. This aggressive attitude, along with her general dislike of authority figures, [19] put her at odds with her superiors in the Cobalt Soul.

Fan art of Beau smiling, by Elaine Tipping. She is intelligent much more so after getting a Headband of Intellect and talented at investigating, but with unlucky streaks. She is knowledgeable about history a testament to her Cobalt Soul trainingand though she often downplays it as "just something she happened to learn while doing so-and-so," she keeps thorough notes.

Official portrait of Beau, by Ari. Beau has gained the meta nickname "The Disaster Lesbian" [26] due to her often flirty demeanor towards women but infrequent success. Notably, she called Expositor Dairon "very attractive" as soon as she saw the elf without their concealing cloak, she makes near constant advances on Yasha, and she has expressed romantic interest in Jester.

Beauregard's hiring of a female courtesan at The Landlocked Lady in " Converging Fury " 2x27 and her sleeping with Keg in " The Stalking Nightmare " 2x29 showcase her attraction to the same sex. Beauregard's parents were in the wine-making business in Kamordah.

Beau was made to manage the bookkeeping. As the winery's most frequent customers were halflings, Beau learned the Halfling language as a result.

She mentioned to Bo "The Breaker" that her name was Beauregard because her parents wanted a son. Beau thought little of her father, Thoreau, as she grew up.

He was not violent, but was "standoffish and distant. This led to her committing other crimes, including extortion and trafficking. While playing a game of chance with MollyBeau revealed the the best lie she ever told was when, not liking a politician and his wife in the town she grew up in, she worked as a house hand for them as a means to dig up dirt on them.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Public Bookmark. Five times Molly tries to set up Fjord and Caleb with each other and one time Molly gets set up with them. The Mighty Nein do not always drink after work—ok, that was a lie, most of them do not drink. Especially Molly. But when he does, he makes Caleb think that the stars created the lavendel themselves. For you see, a drunk Molly was even more resplendent than a sober Molly. But, when Molly begins to talk with Caleb after a few pints, a dance, and a talk about when Molly caught Caleb, is his attraction to the Tiefling prince mutual?

Beau doesn't consider, when she begins this relationships, that one party will not always be present. And now, she has to deal with it. Beau and Yasha have a conversation about what they are, and what that means, and where they're going. Can be read as a sequel to So Close, Too Far but also you can probably read it on its own honestly.

While everyone else may be doing what they like, Beau finds herself doing what she likes so very much in a small closet alone with Yasha. Namely being eaten out and fingered until she is cumming. Except for a select few, mages within the empire are treated like little more than a commodity for the politicians. Few of the common folk ever encounter a mage, as their skills are solely employed by the crown and rogues are ruthlessly hunted and killed.

With peace being brokered with their Xhorhasian enemies, the Empire decides to gift their prized Archmage to the Mighty Nine as a sign of their commitment to making the peace last. A series of scenes with some semblance of a plot that follows the Might Nein through their shared college experiences. Fjord is pretty sure he's never seen the scruffy man in the long coat anywhere before in his life.

She loved Fjord, she realized out of the blue. Seeing him like this was upsetting her because she cared - desperately and wholeheartedly. GOD I love this so much Beau rolled off the side of the bed and came up in a defensive stance, ready for anything, or so she thought. Yasha stood in the middle of the room, breakfast tray in two hands, smiling slightly. Beau held her pose as her mind frantically tried to switch gears.

Yasha was here. Yasha was here and Beau was standing there in her underwear. Silence again, but this time the silence was of two people trying desperately not to laugh" Amazing. It's a small living, but the wizard can't imagine doing anything else, not with the rag-tag bunch of misfits that he calls friends? But navigating learning to love oneself after tragedy is always hard and a certain lavender-skinned, tattooed, scarred tiefling walking into his life is making all the more complex.

But maybe also a little easier. Top of Bookmark Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Bracelets and Fools 2. These Fools that Dance 4.

Learn Some Damn Respect 6. These Damn Idiots 7. The Ball Begins 8. Getting on the Same Page, with Bolts. I want you all to know that I started writing this on the Tuesday of the exact same week that Mollymauk died, so fuck me, I guess. Nevertheless, I persevered and what was meant to be a little maybe 1 or 2k fic about them dancing and being cute together turned into this monstrosity.

So please, read and enjoy, I definitely had some fun writing it! Also I have completed this fic so will be uploading all 8 chapters immediately, because why not? Beau sat pushed up against Caduceus trying not to crush Nott having her staff shoved at an angle coming out from underneath the table between them.

Caduceus seemed content to be squashed between Beau and Fjord sipping the singular wine made of elderberries which he actually liked.

Which would be lame but safe, unless any of you had some bright ideas When necessary another distraction could be made and the group could sneak out again? Good thinking! So I think that one is the best unless anybody else has any ideas?

I can pretend to be a halfling and then drop disguise to cause a commotion. Caleb would be the one in the least amount of risk causing a distraction! Despite her upbeat tone it did nothing to hide the tremble in her voice at the prospect of someone she knows and loves going through what happened to her with the Iron Shepherds. Do not worry, I will be fine, you find the bracelet with the others.

As the best detective duo you will both find it in no time. He marvelled at how good he felt, how warm it made him inside rather than the panic he had come to expect, but not here, not with the Nein.Jester: Okay, you people, listen to me. There is a party going on upstairs. A Christmas party!

critical role beauregard annoying

Jester: [to Beau] You are going to kiss me under the mistletoe. On the lips. Jester: [to Calab and Caduceus] I might kiss you guys under the mistletoe, too. Jester: [to Fjord] And maybe even you! In a festive, platonic manner. But we are going to that party. If you were to rate me, what would you put? If it were a one out of five thing, which it is, what would you give me?

The obvious five-star rating, or would you be a liar? Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive.

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Molly: You need to be more specific, that happens all the time. Beau: Can you do me a weird favor without asking any questions? Fjord: Is that not the bedrock upon which this friendship was founded? Beau: You are such a terrible liar Jester: Am not, I can tell a lie! Beau: I just wanted to apologize. We were all babies once. Beau: Jester planned a beautiful night for us on Monday. Nott: You and me? Beau: Yes. Jester planned a romantic evening for you and me.In doing this, they edit….

So, over the course of the last several months, I have been working towards getting the badge for consecutive days. In actuality, this is my third attempt at it: the first time, I missed it due t…. As everyone's aware, CR has some of the best and most prolific fan artists around, and their frequently breath-taking pieces add a tremendous amount both to the show, and to this wiki.

But adding tho…. I love the Periodic Table. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Welcome to the Critical Role Wiki! As soon as a return date is announced, we will update the countdown. Stay safe! Campaign 2 Episode March 12 PDT —airing or aired—. Talks Machina for Campaign 2 Episode March 10 PDT —airing or aired—. Featured Content. Chapter 16 The latest chapter of Critical Role. Latest Community Posts 1. Timestamp updating project December 20, by Dexcuracy. Hey editors!

That's not on!! November 15, by ATK Categories :. Create an account and contribute. Main Characters. Vox Machina. Guest Characters. Campaign 1. Non-Player Characters.Downloads, downloads downloads! And just to sweeten the deal a little bit, we'll also include an unreleased and never before heard! As an Adventurer, you'll receive a campaign-exclusive 8x10 limited edition production art print please note: this print is unsigned and a campaign-exclusive Vox Machina sticker set PLUS all previous tier rewards.

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critical role beauregard annoying

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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Off English.Instantly marry Caleb because he is my favorite out of all of them. If Molly was around it would be a battle since I love both of them a lot but I gotta marry my boy. Your account is what made me start liking caduceus wayyy more than i already did!! Anyways thank you for that!! I know times are tough, but so are you. The day had been long and hushed. The Mighty Nein had decided to take a day off.

For you, this meant cuddling up to your boyfriend. Caleb would disappear periodically, to visit his friends you supposed, and return with items. A new book, a flower, a drink, you name it. He had left for the fourth time when you finally got bored enough to get up. Frumpkin interrupted your thoughts by rubbing against your ankles. As your fingers ran through the soft orange fur, a small figure appeared in the corner of your eye.

Your whole body was frozen in fear. With one swift movement, you leapt on to your bed and let out an ear piercing scream. The sound caused Frumpkin to scatter out of the room. It took mere moments for your lover to reach the door, his eyes wide and his breath heaving. Are you injured? Are you ill? Your shaking hands pointed to the space beneath the desk.

critical role beauregard annoying

He slowly inched over toward the desk, peering quickly under before dropping his defensive stance. A small smile was beginning to creep on to his face. You frowned, scooting closer to the wall. Your boyfriend tilted his head, now fully smiling. Just because you are too cute to deny. When he returned, he sat on the bed beside you.

Your arms quickly linked around his shoulders. He went to kiss you again when Beau appeared in the door frame. Keep reading. First of all thank you for the support!

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