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Charge BeatsX. Pair BeatsX. Use BeatsX. Reset BeatsX. The power button is on the cable beneath the right earphone. Press and hold the button for 1 second to turn your earphones on or off. To charge, plug your earphones into a power source using the included Lightning cable. Your earphones provide up to 8 hours of playback from a full charge, and up to 2 hours of playback from 5-minute charge. When your earphones are turned on and set up, the LED indicator light on the power button shows how much listening time is left:.

Learn how to pair your earphones with your device. If the indicator light on your earphones turns on but doesn't flash, your earphones have already been set up with a device. If you have an iPhone with iOS 10 or later, follow these steps. When you set up your earphones in this way, they also set up automatically with any of your other supported devices that are signed in to iCloud and using iOS 10 or later, macOS Sierra or later, or watchOS 3 or later.

Play music To control audio playback, use the center button on the RemoteTalk cable:. To control call volume, use the volume controls on your phone. Turn on and charge your earphones The power button is on the cable beneath the right earphone. Pair your earphones Learn how to pair your earphones with your device. Hold your earphones next to your unlocked iPhone. After a few seconds, your iPhone asks you to connect. If it doesn't, press the power button on your earphones for 5 seconds.

Follow the instructions on your iPhone. Go to Bluetooth settings on your device. Use your earphones Learn how to play music, change the volume, and answer calls. Press three times to skip backward. Press three times and hold on the third press to scan backward through a track. Press and release the volume up button, or press and hold to increase volume continuously.

Press and release the volume down button, or press and hold to decrease volume continuously. Press once to answer a second incoming call and put the first call on hold. When two calls are active, this switches between calls. Press and hold for about a second to reject an incoming call. Reset your earphones Hold down these two buttons for 10 seconds: Power button Volume down button When the LED indicator light flashes, release the buttons.

Yes No. Character limit: Maximum character limit is Just keep them away from water; after all, they lack an official IP rating.

The BeatsX are different: these speak confidently, with a minimalist design featuring sleek, uninterrupted lines. Purchasing the BeatsX affords listeners four pairs of ear tips, an array of secure-fit wing tips, a softshell carrying case, and a lightning charging cable.

Especially since even the new AirPods Pro still charge via lightning.

Beats X - Обзор беспроводных наушников

Connecting the BeatsX cables is a Flex-Form cable, which is comfortable to wear and handles moisture well. Cheap, sure, but surprisingly good. A discreet power button inlaid in the end of the neckband maintains the low-key aesthetic, while still being functional. The same can be said for the in-line mic and remote, which sports a prototypical layout and allows for virtual assistant access, be it Siri or Google Assistant. To my glee, the volume controls are compatible with Android devices.

Found descending from the BeatsX right earbud is an in-line mic and remote, allowing basic playback control and virtual assistant access. Ergonomics—a word that might as well have its own department in Home Depot—are excellent and can be attributed to the angled earbud nozzles and varied ear and wing tips.

Additionally, the earbud housings are magnetized. In all fairness, though, there are plenty of popular exercise-oriented neckbuds available. Apple includes wireless charging capabilities by default with its AirPods Pro noise canceling true wireless earbuds. If you want a top-notch true wireless option with cutting edge technology, look into the Beats Powerbeats Pro true wireless earbuds.

Fortunately, a full charge cycle takes just under an hour, which is about half the time of most wireless earbuds. And five minutes of charging provides two hours of playback when the battery is low. With Fast Fuel, you can give the BeatsX an extra two hours of playback from just five minutes of charging when the battery is low.

Form before function, I suppose. It allows you to take full advantage of that delicious W1 chip and AAC Bluetooth codec compatibility.So when Apple unveiled Beats X wireless headphones alongside the AirPods last fall, the weird-looking white ones grabbed my attention. While no wires connect them to whatever device is feeding your audio, a slender Flex-Form cable connects the earbuds, letting you blend right into the crowd.

It sits neatly behind your head on your neck and is flexible enough to fold up into the awkward silicone case it comes with.

The controls allow you to play and pause music or to answer and end calls with a single press. A double press skips to the next song; a long press activates Siri. Each set of Beats X ships with four different-size earbuds, which pop on and off. Luckily enough for me, the size that came installed on the Beats X fit snuggly into my ears, giving the earbuds a tight fit to block out noise and sit firmly in my ears without falling out. The Flex-Form cable is comfortable in most situations.

However, when wearing it with a jacket with a collar, the cable can get in the way. A bit of adjustment takes care of that problem, though. And checking the battery of the earphones is as easy as swiping up on my iPhone. Speaking of the battery, Apple claims the Beats X deliver a battery life of up to eight hours at a moderate volume, which is actually pretty spot on. I was able to use them on and off for the best part of a day and still have around 25 percent left come 9 p.

I drained them right down and put them on charge for exactly five minutes and got back 25 percent battery. Again, pretty damn impressive.

The Beats X are definitely bass-rich, as Beats headphones always are, but not to the point where the low frequencies overtake the actual music and become distracting. They sound a lot more balanced than Beats headphones normally do. The great fit of the earphones cancels out a ton of background noise, which is great for when I need to drown out the world for a while. The only downside I found is when it comes to using the Beats X for phone calls. But in my opinion, they sound better and will definitely be a better fit for most people, thanks to the interchangeable buds and wingtips.Fit for your life, Beats X earphones are the perfect wireless companion.

With up to 8 hours of battery life and Fast Fuel charging, these earphones let you experience authentic, clear sound throughout your day. Beats and Apple are changing the way you listen to music with the introduction of Apple W1 technology in Beats X.

With Fast Fuel, 5 minutes of charging gets you 2 hours of playback when battery is low. With Siri-compatible RemoteTalk, you can take calls with an on-cable mic and play music with easy-to-use controls, seamlessly switching back and forth as you go about your day. The unique Flex-Form cable provides a flexible fit while a variety of eartip options offer personalized comfort. Whether playing in your ears or hanging around your neck, Beats X is incredibly sleek and comfortable for all-day wear.

When you're not wearing them, magnetic earbuds keep wires tangle-free and easily coil up for compact portability. With up to 8 hours of battery life and Fast Fuel charging, you can experience authentic, clear sound throughout your day. Connections and Expansion. By continuing to use our site you are agreeing to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I would like to receive emails containing product updates and special offers from Beats.

BeatsX Earphones - Black

I am 16 years of age or older and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Search Beats No Results Found. Beats X Fit for your life, Beats X earphones are the perfect wireless companion. Available Colors Find Your Color. Satin Silver.

BeatsX review: Still a good pair of ‘buds

Defiant Black-Red. Take Calls with RemoteTalk With Siri-compatible RemoteTalk, you can take calls with an on-cable mic and play music with easy-to-use controls, seamlessly switching back and forth as you go about your day. Flex-Form Cable The unique Flex-Form cable provides a flexible fit while a variety of eartip options offer personalized comfort.

No Strings. No Limits. Your perfect wireless companion.Fit for your life, BeatsX earphones are the perfect wireless companion. Experience authentic, clear sound throughout your day with up to 8 hours of battery life. With Fast Fuel, a 5-minute charge gives you 2 hours of playback.

Its unique Flex-Form cable provides all-day comfort and easy pocket portability, while eartip options provide a personalized fit. BeatsX works as hard as you do.

Sleek, light, and compact, these earphones are your perfect wireless companion. RemoteTalk allows you to take calls with a built-in mic, play music, adjust volume, and activate Siri. The Apple W1 chip features Class 1 Bluetooth connectivity—the industry-leading classification for range and signal strength. With best-in-class performance, BeatsX seamlessly syncs to your devices, so you can easily move about, keep the music going, and stay productive throughout your day.

BeatsX features authentic, clear sound with optimized noise isolation for an immersive listening experience. An innovative acoustic design delivers a clean treble response and distortion-free bass for the most natural tonality across a broad range of genres.

Whether playing in your ears or hanging around your neck, BeatsX is incredibly sleek and comfortable for all-day wear. The unique Flex-Form cable provides a flexible fit, while a variety of eartip options offer personalized comfort. With Fast Fuel, a 5-minute charge gives you 2 hours of playback when battery is low.

Answer now is there a microphone. Answer now Can 2 beats x be paired to the same phone and how do I do it. Answer now how do they sound? Answer now The first Beats Earphones I bought came with ear hooks. Can I order them for the current Earphones? Answer now can it work with ios 9. Answer now Are they Class 1 or Class 2 bluetooth? Internet access is required. Mobile data charges may apply. Browse all. Shop by Product. Shop by Category.

BeatsX Earphones - Black. Check Out with Apple Pay. Add to Bag. Need some help? Contact us.

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Opens in a new window. Product Information. Connect via Class 1 Bluetooth with your device for wireless listening. Variety of eartip options offer personalized comfort. Flex-Form cable provides all-day comfort with easy purse and pocket portability.

Authentic, clear acoustics deliver crisp sound fit for your life. Take calls, control your music, and activate Siri with RemoteTalk. BeatsX earphones.The BeatsX are a solid pair of in-ear headphones. The BeatsX may be a little long in the tooth now, but they're still a great pair of wireless earbuds for anyone who wants to eschew the popular Apple AirPods.

beats x

Most of the best Beats headphones come in traditional over-ear or on-ear headphone or true wireless form factors these days, but the BeatsX are a different breed. That's because rather than sticking to bass-heavy running earbuds or wildly expensive over-ears, the company has dreamed up a new pair of musically inclined neckbuds for anyone sick of losing their brand-new true wireless earbuds.

Although they're a bit different, the BeatsX borrows a lot from previous Beats headphones.

Set up and use your BeatsX earphones

For example, the headphones have a flat, no-tangle cable and stellar compatibility with iOS devices. But they also carve out their own niche as one of the first balanced pair of headphones from the low-end loving company. Upon their release inthe BeatsX has a few tricks up its sleeve that not many headsets from Apple or Beats by Dre could claim: Quick Charge. As of late, in-ear headphones have taken one of three designs. The BeatsX fall into the last category.

The second is that the wire between the two buds can provide a home to in-line controls and a battery, allowing the headphones to last longer between charges and allow you to communicate with Siri. The in-line controls here are just the way we like them: basic but effective.

You can use them the raise and lower the volume, pause the music, skip tracks and rewind. The solution here is to carry most of the weight in the thickest part of the cable that sits around your neck, leaving two smaller cables with earbuds attached to run up to your ears.

Speaking of workouts, the BeatsX is water-resistant, but not fully waterproof. In practice that means you can take the BeatsX with you on a sweaty trip to the gym without fearing for their safety Design-wise the BeatsX have three advantages over the AirPods. The sound quality is actually relatively clear for a pair of in-ear drivers. What was more surprising was the overall balance Apple achieved here — mids, highs and lows are on the same keel.

Even with a seemingly airtight seal, we could still hear most of the conversation going on around us. Despite playing music at an ear-damagingly high level, no one in the car was any wiser which guilty pleasure music we were listening to at the time.

In case any of you are reading, it was the soundtrack to the movie Whiplash. But for the people used to a pair of Beats sounding like the inside of a woofer, you might be a tad disappointed. Nothing sounded dull or drab, but there was a definite lack of energy here. As we mentioned in the beginning of the review, the BeatsX can also be used to field calls and pull up Siri. Using the BeatsX as a Bluetooth headset is a surprisingly easy affair with one click on the in-line remote to answer calls and two clicks to hang up.

In terms of call clarity, everyone we spoke to said we sounded clearer while using the BeatsX headphones than we did using the iPhone SE microphone, if slightly quieter. It is, undoubtedly, the brains behind the wireless operation inside the BeatsX. It helps the the headset sync up seamlessly to iOS devices and helps preserve battery life.

Strange, yes, but it is supremely easy to use. For Android users accustomed to using NFC to pair their devices, this might not be a ground-breaking feature few things that come from Apple are.

But for iOS users used to struggling to pair headphones, we appreciate the usability improvements the W1 Chip brings.I am so satisfied by this purchase. Due to pandemic everything is delayed. But I am very happy with this purchase from Electrocell, which came 5 days early! I just got it and kept it for charging. But I am hopeful the experience will be terrific. I had lot of issues with other earbuds, my ears pain after one hour of usage.

I even had to return the higher version, beats pro wireless due to the same thing. It is a struggle to get the right fitting earbuds for people like me who have weird ears shape.

I will update if I have any issues. Thank you :. A great purchase. The sound quality was amazing. My fiance loved his xmas gift! Will be buying one for my step son next. I really like it. It's light weight, I usually wear it only on one ear while i am at work. The fact that it uses the lighting charger is a plus. They don't bother my ears when i wear my glasses. I love how its connected to the cloud across all my idevices, I only wish it was all ways connected and i didn't have to connect it myself, thats just me being lazy.

Another major plus is it doesn't slide around my neck. Sometimes I even forget I am wearing it. I wish the battery life could be like the powerbeats3. But ill take it as is : the base is really not as perfect as i expected from Beats but given the size its perfect for my every day usage. Very balanced ends to keep both ends inplace compared to others which the mic on one side shifts the balance pulling it down.

Just got them today in the mail an haven't used them due to a faulty battery.

beats x

Emailed the seller they told me they sell refurbished headphones. But my order says nowhere that they are refurbished otherwise I wouldn't have bought them. I took it fresh out the box and it doesn't even work! So now I have to come out of myhouse, go to FedEx and send them back so I could get a refund!

The point of me ordering was to not go outside! Worst quality ever. Plastic around charging socket cracked. Warranty sucked, they want me to pay 99 bucks for repair or replacement.

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